Access A125-6

1000795As a premise, this post is not very academic nor related to my research. Today I got a way to move around independently, finally. With this motorbike I can go from town to village easily, and visit hunters in the whole West of Burkina. It is a chinese-made, four- strokes 125cc Access. In Burkina these kind of motorbikes are commonly referred to as Sanili, one of the many brands that builds them based on the same components. There are at least twenty different brands, each one differing only for small details. For reasons that I cannot understand prices are, on the other hand, different, and range from about 500 to 750 GBP. Mine is in the lower portion of the price range, I was told it should be reliable during the whole year of my stay. Well, for starters I found the rpm instrument disconnected from its cable and there are strange noises coming from the rear wheel. I also keep finding unscrewed bolts, here and there. Anyway, it came with a three months warranty. I also have a very robust rear rack, mud (dust) flaps and an alarm remote. Some design details are pretty peculiar and worth mentioning. There’s obviously a lot of plastic, and the fit of some parts seems pretty precarious. Some things make me wonder. For example a led on the tachometer that flashes if your mobile phone is ringing. Indispensable. But the most amazing thing is a button on the alarm remote that allows to start the engine even if the key is not in. It could never be legal elsewhere. I really hope it is going to last, the conditions of the roads here are pretty stressing for any mechanical means. A few kilometres to drive it home from downtown Bobo Dioulasso and a fine, red dust is already everywhere. I will need to change frequently the engine’s oil and keep the air filter clean. Plus there is mud, holes and truck drivers on drugs. In sum, I will test it thoroughly. In the meantime, you can check its roar out!