Updates and work in progress

23 May, 2012

The Kungotigi

When asking about the tèen and the saansègè I was told there is a figure that is in charge of performing a sacrifice that asks permission to start the collective hunts and the fishing. Today I met a man about 55, called Sa-Sibiri Traoré. In Seenku he is called Juunsira (Juun=Bush, Sira=Master), in Jula Kungotigi (same meaning). There…

6 May, 2012

Bobo Masks in Bare

Today I went with a friend to visit his mother’s village near Bobo Dioulasso. It is a Bobo village on the road to Diebougou, and we visited in the period of the funerals. Much unlike the Sambla, the Bobo have many masks that come out for different rituals. Some of these have the peculiarity of…