Updates and work in progress

9 August, 2016

Madonna del Carmine in Pedali di Viggianello

The second harvest ritual procession I photographed in 2016 takes place in the heart of the Pollino national park, in the lush valley of the river Mercure. On 19 August in the community of Pedali, part of the village of Viggianello (PZ), the festival is again in honour of the Virgin, the Madonna del Carmine….

8 August, 2016

Madonna delle Grazie in Teana

I started photographing village festivals in Basilicata, southern Italy, in 2004, with my first visit to the massive tree festival in Accettura. One type of rituals I have photographed through the years are harvest rituals that involve bundles of sheafs of wheat carried as votive offerings. These take place usually during the month of August…