A Farewell to the Rainy Season

November has begun, and it doesn’t rain anymore. Peasants are harvesting rice, corn and millet, and now rain would spoil the seeds. While a few weeks ago people in Karankasso were anxiously peering at the sky wondering where would those dark clouds head, now they are busy bringing home their food for the next months. If you look upon most houses’ roofs, you’ll see beans, peanuts, hot pepper, corn and rice spread to dry in the sun. The sun and the lack of rain has already brought a lot of dust, that covers me once back from a trip on my motorbike. The landscape is changing, the first sign is the dry grass taking a golden colour: with other hunters we burn them to hunt birds and rabbits at night. Sounds are changing as well, especially at night, so I thought I would say goodbye to the rainy season with a composition of night sounds: rain, insects, toads and frogs.